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Full Stack
├── Web Developer
└── Designer

Passionate about designing and developing user-centric digital products from conception to completion, resulting in improved productivity, enhanced customer experience, and a competitive edge


  • Key-turn Solutions

    Specializing in the creation of smooth and user-friendly web applications, offering complete turn-key solutions that encompass prototyping, design, front-end and back-end development, server setup, project management, and more.
  • Web

    Adept at delivering stable and performant web services with modern UI/UX design, emphasizing attention to detail and user experience.
  • Mobile

    Experienced in building functional iOS/Android mobile applications, utilizing Flutter for cross-platform development including iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux.
  • SaaS

    Proficient in developing SaaS websites with a wide range of features, with a particular interest in creating unique and non-typical services and tools.

Expertise (technologies and tools):

HTML5, CSS3 (SASS, Flexbox), Bootstrap 5+, PHP 8+ (Vanilla, Zend Framework, Laravel), databases (MySQL/MariaDB, MS SQL, Oracle, MongoDB, Redis) Javascript (Vanilla, jQuery, Vue 3), build tools (Grunt, Gulp, Webpack, Vite), deploy (Deployer), payment systems (Stripe, Amazon Pay), APIs (Typeform, Bitly, Mailjet), Google APIs (Maps, Speech to Text and Text to Speech), Websockets, SAML Single Sign-On (SSO) using Microsoft Azure AD, cross-platform/hybrid mobile apps (Flutter, Cordova/PhoneGap + Framework7), Git (BitBucket), project task management (Kaiten, Trello, Notion) VDS/VPS, AWS, Google Cloud, others (CentOS + Nginx), Docker (docker-compose), blazing-fast static site generators (Gridsome), InertiaJS, KonvaJS, Telegram Bots (custom bots, API), MQTT, Kafka (events proxying with WebSocket), Shopify Apps (custom applications with API integration), Ansible automation.

Design skills in various directions including logo design, brand identity creation, packaging design, UI/UX, utilizing Sketch (mockups, wireframes, prototypes), Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop,, Axure RP.

Graphic and UI/UX design is actually I start my career with. Now the full-stack development is my main stream, but I still do design time to time.

Public Projects ≈5%

  • World Watch App
    — A members-only networking platform for the global news industry
  • Stylus Publishing
    — E-commerce / Bookstore for the Stylus Publishing with sub-publishers partnership supporting
  • Blocities
    — Real estate marketplace with blockchain powered deals
  • Geo Culture
    — Intercultural differences in business (multi-language en, de, ru)
  • Interior Plus
    — Construction company's website, statically generated (Vue+Gridsome)
  • DM SIB
    — The website for vehicle-owners with services list. Linked with mobile application for vehicles and working time tracking for the companies who provide services with special equipment and transports.
  • Organic Tampons
    — E-commerce website for mono-product
  • Research & Innovate Africa temporary suspended
    — Research calls and Funding platform for Africa
  • temporary suspended
    — English learning platform for Georgian students (text-to-speech and speech-to-text features and others)

Professional Experience

2015.11 – present • Individual Entrepreneur • Freelance • Worldwide
Full Stack Web Developer / Designer / Mobile Developer

Responsible for designing and developing a diverse range of web and mobile applications, both as an independent freelancer and as part of project teams.

2013.08–2015.11 • Novator Ltd. • Retail • Russia
Full Stack Web Developer

Developed web applications using PHP, MySQL, and Oracle DB to support business processes and enhance the functionality of the existing Retail Software. Projects included the creation of an orders processing system (for both supplier and retailer), document processing, price actualization system, tracking of out of date products, price tag replacement processes automation, generating revenue and comparison reports, among others.

2011.09–2013.08 • Novator Ltd. • Retail • Russia
System Engineer / System & Network Administrator

Responsible for the administration of servers and server rooms in 3 retail branches. Experienced in administering Windows 2003, 2008 Servers, Linux servers (Web, FTP, Audio Streaming), and Retail Software (3rd party solutions, like Supermag+), Oracle database. Configured Linux-based proxy/gateway and organized VPN (OpenSec) connection between offices (stores).

2006.10–2011.09 • Music and cinema Ltd. • Retail & Entertainment • Russia
System / Network Administrator

Responsible for the administration of servers, server rooms, and end-user desktops (approximately 50). Managed POS terminals on remote branches (about 20 retailers) and administered Windows 2003 (RDP, accountants software) and Linux (gateway, proxy, filtering, billing) servers. Installed and configured hardware, network, and related infrastructure, as well as set up firewall rules.


2001-2006 Omsk State University of Railway Transport
Master of Science (Educational Equivalent in the United States)
Information Systems and Technologies


As a tech enthusiast, I enjoy exploring various creative avenues, with a particular interest in all things computer-related 🖥. I often experiment with creating IoT 🤖 projects, using my design, web development, and engineering skills. In my free time, I like to play around with Cinema 4D, Fusion 360, AutoCAD, VR, AI. As an enthusiast, I like to research many creative directions. Most of the interests are computer-related (computer boy 🖥). I often experiment with the creation of IoT 🤖 projects, combining all my skills in design, web development, and engineering. I love to play with Cinema 4D, Fusion 360 and AutoCAD.

Outside of work, I enjoy cycling 🚴(light-style MTB), listening to music 🎧(mainly metal 🤟 and ambient), growing plants 🌱, making kvass 🍯, practicing yoga 🙏, and watching movies (though less frequently now 👀).



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